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Product Material:

Fragrance Candle: Soy Wax, Plant Essential Oils, Cotton Wick


Product Size:

Candle: 6.6cm(L)*5.5cm(H)*6cm(W)

Inner Small Gift Box: 15.8cm(L)*7.7cm(W)*2cm(H)


Product Packaging:


Happy Magpie Fragrance Candle Set

  • Happy Magpie Fragrance Candle Set / 鹊语寻芳走马灯香氛

    This product takes inspiration from the scroll painting "Kesi Meiqiao Tu" (Embroidered Silk Plum Blossoms and Magpies) by Shen Zifan, preserved in the Palace Museum. The designer has extracted elements such as plum blossoms and magpies from the cultural relic for secondary design. The plum blossoms and paired magpies perched on branches symbolize "joy and happiness." The inclusion of fragrances, along with decorative accessories like a rotating lantern, not only emphasizes aesthetics but also adds practicality by bringing a delightful scent to your daily life.


    本产品以故宫博物院藏沈子蕃《缂丝梅鹊图》 轴为设计灵感 由设计师提取文物中的梅花、喜鹊等元素进行二次设计。梅花、双鹊栖枝,寓意 “喜上眉梢〞。香氛搭配走马灯等配饰,注重美观的同时兼顾了实用性,为生活添一缕怡人香气。

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