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Chinese Famille Rose Celestial Globe Vase with Peaches

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  • Chinese Famille Rose Celestial Globe Vase with Peaches

    Qing Dynasty (QIANLONG PERIOD)

    This vase is 38cm tall with a 9cm mouth diameter and 14cm base diameter. It is white-glazed and a peach tree of luxuriant foliage and spreading branches is painted on it. The branches spreads far and winds itself up from the bottom along the vase. Nine large peaches hang on the branches.

    The bottom of the vase has the six word seal-character mark “Da Qing QingLong Nian Zhi” imprinted on it in blue and white.

    Famille rose ceramics during the QingLong period was always decorated with auspicious symbols to signify good fortune by means of natural scenery.

    The natural and vivid composition of the painting alternating with thick glaze, along with the elaborate details of the painting makes this vase a representative masterpiece of famille rose ceramics during the era.





    高 3 8 厘米,口径 9 厘米,足径 14 厘米。通体白釉,瓶体上绘桃树一株,枝叶繁茂,自瓶底沿腹部蜿蜒而上,九颗硕大的桃实压坠枝头。底足书青花“大清乾隆年制”六字篆书款。



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