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Coral Chinese Famille Rose Bowl of Autumn Celebration

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  • Coral Chinese Famille Rose Bowl of Autumn Celebration

    Qing Dynasty (KANGXI PERIOD)

    It is 7cm tall with a 15.4cm mouth diameter and 6cm base diameter. The body of the bowl is exquisite and strong while the inside is white-glazed, making It look soft and lustrous. The bowl is a coral-ground bowl with a smooth and deep colour. The painting of autumn celebration is formed using flowers of various colours and species. All the nine species of flower blooms in autumn and they are peony, okra, chrysanthemum, orchid, poppy, begonia, camellia, Chinese herbaceous peony and gardenias. The flowers in the painting are blooming with charm and grace, and this beauty illuminates through despite the season of change. The way it is painted is very exquisite and is even capable of showing the sun by creating shadows and shades to make the flowers and leave pop up with a three-dimensional effect. At the bottom is four characters written in blue and white within the square frames which says “KANG XI YU ZHI”.





    高 7 厘米,口径 15.4 厘米,足径 6 厘米。


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