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Yellow Enamel Bowl with Peony Patterns

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  • Yellow Enamel Bowl with Peony Patterns

    Qing Dynasty (KANGXI PERIOD)

    It is 7.2cm tall with a 15.2cm mouth

    diameter and 5.7cm base diameter. The bowl has an open mouth which narrows down along the lower outline, with a bulging belly and ring foot. The bowl is smooth with no patterns inside but the outside is yellow-glazed and 8 blooming peonies of pink, blue, green and purple are painted on the outside. The blue enamel square frame on the bottom of the bowl is imprinted in double row. It reads “Kang Xi Yu Zhi”.





    高 7.2 厘米,口径 15.2 厘米,足径 5.7厘米。

    碗敞口,口沿下轮廓线缓收,腹部微丰,圈足。碗内光素无纹饰,碗外以黄彩为地,其上以粉、蓝、绿、紫、藕荷等色彩绘 8朵盛开的牡丹花。碗底蓝料彩方框内楷书“康熙御制”双行四字印章款。


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