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Product Material:

Acrylic, Solid Wood, Paper


Product Size:



Product Packaging:


Lucky Rabbit Diary Calendar

  • Lucky Rabbit Diary Calendar / 吉兔纳福万年历

    The design elements of the product pattern are inspired by the painting "Wutong Shuangtu" (Twin Rabbits under a Parasol) from the scroll "Leng Mei." The layout is skillfully arranged, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere while maintaining a cute and adorable touch. Each set of products comes with a red outer packaging that includes a product manual, a perpetual calendar, and an erasable pen.


    产品图案以冷枚《梧桐双兔图》轴中的画面为设计元素,布局精巧,画面温馨雅致,又不失萌趣可爱。 每套产品均配有红色外包装内部附有产品说明书,以及万年历和可擦笔。

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