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Product Material:

Soy Wax, Glass, Zinc Alloy, Copper


Product Size:

Candle: 6.5cm(W)*5.5cm(H)

Lid: 6.5cm(W)*3cm(H)

Screen: 11cm(L)*13.5cm(H)



Product Packaging:


Lucky Rabbit Scented Candle Set

  • Lucky Rabbit Scented Candle Set / 吉兔纳福香氛蜡烛套装

    This product takes inspiration from the artifacts preserved in the Palace Museum, namely the "Green Satin Embroidery Guìtù Jīnpíqiú Huāwén Huāshényī" (Green Satin Embroidery Robe with Osmanthus, Rabbit, and Golden Ball Patterns), the "Yongzheng-style Fencai Tuanhua Wen Bowl" (Yongzheng-style Powdered Color Decorated Bowl with Floral Patterns), and the scroll painting "Wutong Shuangtu Tu" (Twin Rabbits under the Parasol Tree) painted by Leng Mei. The design of the screen is inspired by the scroll painting "Wutong Shuangtu Tu," featuring clusters of parasol trees and osmanthus flowers. The cup body is made of heat-resistant high borosilicate glass, which is lead-free and safe to use. The floral patterns on the cup body are created using the baking technique, resulting in vibrant and rich colors. The cup is also adorned with a gold rim, adding a touch of freshness and elegance.


    本产品以故宫博物院藏“绿色缎绣桂兔金皮球花纹花神衣”、“雍正款粉彩团花纹碗”和冷枚绘《梧桐双兔图》轴为设计灵感。 屏风灵感来源于《梧桐双兔图》轴,片片梧桐,簇簇桂花设计于其上。 杯身材质选用耐热高鹏硅玻璃,无铅可安心使用;杯身朵朵团花为烤花工艺,色彩鲜艳丰富,并配有描金花边,清新雅致。

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