Material: PP, 394 Stainless Steel, Silicone, TPE, PC

Size: 20cm*8cm

Volume: 350ml

Weight: 294g

Ocean and River Tumbler

SKU: CFC5014001
  • 青花海水江崖随行杯 Ocean and River Tumbler

    The inspiration behind this piece comes from the "Blue and White Sea Water Incense Burner" from the Palace Museum, Ming "Yongle" Year Collection.

    The sea water and river cliff pattern that appears on the tumbler symbolizes the country's immortality.

    创意来源于故宫博物院, 明永乐年藏品“青花海水纹香炉”。 宫廷御用海水江崖纹是大自然赋予纹饰力量与美感。海水波涛汹 涌的线 条,中间耸立巍峨山石,寓意江山永固。杯选用青花色 彩海水江崖纹, 画面还原文物瓷质质感,清雅秀美。

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