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Superior Grade:

Tea Buds 





Yunnan Province, China (1500m) 中国云南(海拔1500米)


Brew :

3-5g tea leaf with 100ml water. Rinse with boiled water for 5 seconds and pour away the water. Black tea should not be brewed for a long time. The water temperature for premium black tea is relatively low, 80-85 degrees is enough.


Organic Yunnan Dianhong - Superior Grade 80G

  • Organic Yunnan Dianhong - Superior Grade 80G/山茶汇*正谷联名款有机滇红 特级

    Harvested from the high mountain organic tea garden at an altitude of 1500 meters, clean environment, pure tea. Organic tea gardens increase soil fertility by using organic fertilizers. The tea processing factory is adjacent to the tea garden, which reduces carbon emissions during transportation and practices environmentally friendly production methods.


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