Product Quantity: 1 Set (include 2 plate and 1 cup)

Product Size:

  • Big Plate Diameter: 19.7cm
  • Small Plate Diameter: 17cm
  • Cup Diameter: 11cm , H:5.5cm

Product Material: Bone China

Signature Osmanthus & Jade Rabbit Afternoon Porcelain Tea Set

SKU: 1040202901
  • Signature Osmanthus & Jade Rabbit Afternoon Porcelain Tea Set 桂花浮玉中式下午茶杯盘套装礼盒

    In every season, flowers bloom, wither, and multiply endlessly. Since ancient times, scholars associated the traditional Chinese calendar to twelve flower gods. The design of this tea set is inspired by the flower god of August, adorned in his traditional white and green robes. The delicate white porcelain accents and highlights the Osmanthus Floating Jade flower motif.

    一年四季, 百花枯荣,生生不息,古时文人们结合中国 独有的农历月令,创造出十二花 神,其中八 月花神以月桂为主题。 设计师以八月花神衣 为创意灵感制成此套杯盘,保留整体白绿的 配色,瓷质洁白细腻, 桂枝浅绿相依,一眼 望去,若桂花浮玉,沾了杯盘,晕染了时光。

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