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Product Quantity:

• 2 Bowl


Product Size:

• 5.1cm in Diameter


Product Material:

• 40% of Bone China

Squirrel & Grape Porcelain Bowl Set

SKU: 1040209101
  • Squirrel & Grape Porcelain Bowl Set

    During the Xuande period, blue and white porcelain were the most valued compared to other works of craftsmanship. The squirrel and grape pattern was popular in the Qing Dynasty and is still an auspicious expression of vitality, nourishment and abundance, Grapes and squirrels are associated with blessings of many children, a good harvest, and wealth.



    青花瓷,白地蓝花,素淡和润,宣德时期有“诸 料悉备,青花为贵”之说。 设计师以清光绪青花松鼠葡萄纹碗为创意元素分 制对碗、对盘两套餐具。葡萄枝叶繁茂,松鼠穿 跃其 间,一片盎然生机中美食配以美器,在一场 视觉欢宴中开启舌尖之旅。 松鼠葡萄纹是流行于 清代的吉祥图案。因鼠对应地支“子”位而有 “子神”之称。寓意“滋养万物生 生不息”。葡 萄多籽粒粒,寓“多”之意。葡萄松鼠合喻为多 子、丰收、富贵。

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