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Product Quantity:
Pen *1( Red / Blue )+ PU Notebook *1( Red / Blue )+ Palace Bookmark *1+ Packaging *1+ Carrier 

Product Size:
Notebook :145mm*207mm,192Pieces,80g Paper Product



The Forbidden City Notebook Gift Set

  • The Forbidden City Notebook Gift Set / 紫禁·昼夜套装礼盒

    This is the silver award of the Stationery Design contest of the Palace Museum. The cover can see the architecture of the Palace Museum. It contains both red and blue colors, which is a good gift. Soft PU is used for the material, bronzing and silver are used for the cover, and the pen holder is designed with six prisms to effectively prevent sliding and rolling. At the same time, the bookmark is made of brass and engraved with the pattern of Xiangyun Baodian




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