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Product Size: 4.5cm in width, 10cm in total length, 9.6cm of pattern/loop, 2.5cm in diameter

Product Package:  Crystal Wrinkle Film  

Ocean and River Decorative Tape Set

SKU: 1090707301
  • Ocean and River Decorative Tape Set

    This set of tape was inspired by the pattern of the apricot yellow satin embroidered of Yunlong wo women's long gown collected by the Palace Museum.

    The designer selected the seawater river cliff pattern in the dragon robe, and restored the elegant and exquisite pattern of the dragon robe with the delicate brunching process to make this set of seawater river cliff and paper tape.

    Apricot yellow satin embroidered eight groups of Yunlong women's long gown is one of the qing dynasty imperial and imperial wear, used for major occasions, its style for round collar, broadside right front, horse hoof sleeve, train left and right open.








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