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Enamel Gold Vessel with Elephant Handles

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  • Enamel Gold Vessel with Elephant Handles

    Qing Dynasty (QIANLONG PERIOD)
    It is 14.8cm tall with a 5.5cm mouth diameter and 5.6cm base diameter.
    The mouth of the vessel leans outward slightly and the vessel has a short neck, round belly and ring foot. Both sides of the shoulder is decorated with gilding elephant handles, and the inside is green-glazed. The outside of the vessel is gold with brocade design and various lotuses painted on it. The body of the vessel is decorated with multiple gold rings and at the bottom of which states “QING LONG NIAN ZHI” in green.




    高 14.8 厘米,口径 5.5 厘米,足径 5.6 厘米


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